Pillow Hugs


How to Sew Pillow Hugs Pillowcases


How to Cut Fabric:

Cut main piece 29 ½ x 18” (30” tends to make a pillowcase that is too large.)


Cut band piece 29 ½ x 10”


How to Sew:

Lay band piece on table with right side up.

Roll main piece into a long roll with one long side free.

Align free edge with one long edge of band piece.

Fold the other long edge of the band piece to meet the other two edges.

Pin all three edges together.

Sew all three edges together with a 3/8” seam. This encases the main part of the

pillowcase in a long tube.

Now, pull the main piece out of the tube. You now have one piece that measures

approximately 29 ½ x 22”.


Align the edges with wrong sides together. Pin. Now sew a ¼” L seam on the 2 free


Trim all the loose threads with scissors.

If you like, clip corners a little bit.

Turn right sides in and iron the seam. (This creates a nice crisp edge so that it will

be easier to enclose the raw edges.)

Sew a 3/8” L seam along the two seamed edges making a French Seam which

encases the edges.

The 3/8” seam may seem to be too deep. Don’t worry. We cut the pieces big

enough to allow for this seam.

Turn and press. That’s it. You’re done and no exposed seams!