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The Oak School

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Hi, I'm Tricia, The Oak School's founder.

I'm excited & humbled to be leading this wonderful school in pioneering a whole-child, whole-brain path to educate our kids & future generations. Please email with any questions or we can set up a time to talk more. I look forward to meeting you and your sweet family!



Relationships and connection are priorities, fostering an intellectually stimulating, individualized curriculum. Social emotional tools are modeled and practiced by all adults, because children learn through what they experience. We work with each child holistically and honor their uniqueness because we need whole humans going forward. By encouraging kids to express their creativity and to find wonder in the world around them, their self-worth is nourished and protected. Children who feel safe and happy are better able to tap into their innate curiosity, are more resilient, and accepting of differences.



As guides along our kids educational journeys, our teachers work together to build a community where all children feel safe and respected. Equipped with teaching licenses and Master's degrees, our teachers also all have a personal connection to nature, a creative practice, and a mindfulness practice. They are models of compassion, listening, resilience and respect.


Research Backed Curriculum

Our teachers have Master's degrees. This is rare in most preschools, more common at the elementary level and up. Our teachers are highly trained in childhood development and have deep understanding of children's brain development. Along side cultivating loving relationships with each child, we meet children exactly where they are, both emotionally and intellectually. In turn, they feel safe, seen, and understood. We believe that everyday is an opportunity for them to grow and flourish. And we believe that each child is developing at a pace that is just right for them.

Oak Leaf


Preschool - PreK is $1,500 per month for year round school. Kindergarten and up is $1,700 per month for a 10 month period. Before/After Care option is $450 per month for the calendar school



Nature Based

Students who participate regularly in the world of nature become more attentive, joyful, and less anxious. Our unique educational curriculum promotes important educational principles as well as a compassionate understanding of bio and social diversity that lasts a lifetime. Through an inquiry and play based approach to learning, each child feels confident and capable to take on challenges to build their knowledge and understanding. Being able to plan, prioritize, troubleshoot, negotiate, and multitask are all benefits of nature-based education, and

crucial for our success as adults.

Oak Leaf


We are located on the corner of Simms & W. 20th in Lakewood Colorado. The space is bright and open, originally built for a school with all the amenities including big windows, lots of outdoor space, a beautiful playground, and space to garden.

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