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Spiritual Formation

SOTH is a community of people on a journey of Christian spiritual formation. This is a lifelong process of greater wholeness with God, with others, and with oneself. We see education as a key component of spiritual formation but believe it also encompasses aspects such as spiritual practices, service, worship, play, retreats, music, creation care, engagement with neighbors, justice, relationships, and experiences. Here you will find opportunities for all ages to explore, discover, and grow in faith. All with the goal of deepening our capacity to impact the world with God’s love.



Exploring the parables of Jesus as living stories for us today 


The parables of Jesus contain some of the least understood, but most transformative teachings of Jesus in the first century and today. From the Good Samaritan to the Parable of the Treasure, these teachings hold the mysteries of faith, life and resurrection to inspire, empower, and challenge the church today. Join Pastor Matt in a deep dive of the parables in the gospels on Mondays from 1-2 pm in Charter Hall:

  • Sept 19th - What are Parables? Example, Riddle and Challenge

  • Sept 26th - Riddle Parables: So That They Might Not Understand

  • Oct 3rd - Challenge Parables: Down From Jerusalem to Jericho 

  • Oct 10th - The Kingdom of God: The Challenge of Collaboration


Oct. 2 will be the start of an 8-week study entitled Godspeed. The series will explore how we can unearth holiness in the ordinary, cultivate community and live at God’s speed.

Session 1 GODSPEED - Watch in Community
Session 2  Place: Where are you? 
Session 3  Presence: Here I am!
Session 4  Pace: God's Speed
Session 5  Identity: Loved by God
Session 6  Stability: Being Here
Session 7  Names: Face to Face
Session 8  Mission: Unearthing Holiness


Children's Ministry



Kids’ Connection is our Sunday School for children aged 4 – 4th grade, held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, 9:30 – 10:30 am. This is a time for kids to learn Bible stories, develop relationships, and grow in God’s love. After kids are signed in by a parent in the narthex, they will go downstairs with one of their teachers just before worship starts. Parents will pick up kids downstairs in the children’s library and sign them out.

Kids' Connection will resume September 11, 2022.


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