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Supporting the congregation though hospitality, fellowship and member care.

A deacon is a dedicated church member who warmly welcomes and connects with others, answering questions, and facilitating support, often assisting with various tasks related to hospitality, fellowship, and member care.

Member Care Deacon
Responsible for showing compassion and support to the church family by notifying pastors of the unwell, organizing meals, arranging transportation, and serving communion. They also help with financial assistance and contribute to the church newsletter by sharing inspiring stories.
Fellowship Deacon
Fosters community within a church by preparing coffee before worship services, scheduling food providers for coffee fellowships, assisting with worship equipment set-up and take-down, and organizing special events in collaboration with the Events Committee.
Hospitality Deacon
Creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, welcoming newcomers and regular attendees, overseeing registration, answering questions, facilitating connections, and ensuring safety protocols. They also provide golf cart transportation, making church facilities easily accessible to everyone.
Welcome people coming to Sunday Service
Member Care
Assist the deacons in making sure church members in difficult situations are supported and cared for.
Help setup and clean up fellowship treats

Faith Formation

Growing faith with study and education opportunities

The Faith Formation Ministry Team at Shepherd of the Hills is dedicated to nurturing the faith development of individuals of all ages and stages within our community. Our mission is to provide a wide range of opportunities for learning, teaching, growing in faith, experiencing hands-on missions, worshiping, and fellowshipping together. Additionally, we strive to partner with others, including our neighbors, to share the transformative message of Jesus Christ.

Faith Formation & Discipleship Coordinator
Assists in planning, coordinating, and leading faith formation and discipleship opportunities for primarily adults. They coordinate classes, small group studies, retreats, training, and other offerings, as well as assist with curriculum selection, publicity, and leading classes or small groups. Their role involves supporting various adult spiritual formation offerings throughout the year.
Family Ministry Coordinator
Assists in planning and leading Family Ministry events in collaboration with the Children & Family Ministry Coordinator. They coordinate volunteers, help with event planning, and support families within the church and community.
Children's Faith Formation Coordinator
Oversees children's ministry, including Kids Connection, by coordinating volunteers, ensuring classroom safety, and providing necessary curriculum and supplies. They also assist with volunteer recruitment, training, and recognition.
Nursery Coordinator
Assists the Nursery Care Supervisor in maintaining a secure and caring environment for children aged four and below. Duties include managing volunteers, ensuring safety, and aiding with recruitment, training, and appreciation of volunteers.
Acts as a liaison between the Faith Formation Ministry Team and the session, setting meeting agendas and coordinating various team roles to facilitate communication and interpretation of the overarching vision.
Kids' Sunday School Volunteer
Assist with supervising children, distributing materials, helping with projects.
Nursery Volunteer - second adult caregiver
Serving as the second adult along with Ms. Donna our Nursery Care Supervisor - assisting Donna i watching the kids in the nursery. No changing diapers, lifting or crawling on the floor -- instead rocking babies, reading stories, interacting with the kids.
Children & Family Ministry - Kid's Worship Bags
Cleaning out & refilling the Kid's Worship bags on a weekly basis. Resupplying the coloring sheets and sorting the various worship resources contained in the bag
Family & Intergenerational Ministry Assistant
Assist in the planning & leading (optional) and set-up/take down along with participation in the hosting of Family and Intergenerational Ministry opportunities
Adult Spiritual Formation Facilitator
Facilitate Adult Spiritual Formation classes. Preparing lessons, presenting material, leading discussions.

Mission Action Team

Engaging our neighbors through service and partnership

The Mission Action Team at Shepherd of the Hills is dedicated to putting faith into action by serving as a bridge between the church's overarching vision and concrete actions that nurture community, serve neighbors, and provide pathways to wholeness in Christ.

Communications Coordinator
Responsible for managing communications, including meeting minutes, budget, calendar, and social media outreach. My goal is to keep everyone informed about events and volunteer opportunities.
Partnerships Coordinator
Builds relationships with local partners, organizes community projects, and encourages Renter Partner involvement. They collaborate with various church groups and community organizations to develop a schedule of events and initiatives.
Missions Coordinator
Plans and organizes short-term mission trips, handles logistics and communication, recruits participants, and shares experiences with the congregation for awareness and education.
Plays an essential role in connecting the Mission Action Team's practical initiatives with the broader vision set by the session at Shepherd of the Hills. They ensure effective communication by conveying motions from the committee to the session and sharing the session's vision with the committee.
Represent SOTH for a Habitat for Humanity faith coalition, The Carpenter's Helpers, Metro Denver
Attend monthly virtual meeting, their Mission is to raise awareness about the need for safe and affordable housing and help raise funds for building homes in metro Denver. Occassionally recruit SOTH volunteers for one day of work at a build site.
Help with Adopt a Family/Action Center, Giving Tree
Nov. 7 decide from list which gifts to ask for, Make tags and put on the tree. Nov 30 sort & bag gifts by family
Driver to take Meals from SOTH to 220 S Yarrow St., Lakewood 80226
Pickup frozen or ready to be frozen meals that are in flat baking pans. 2 pans that will each serve 20 people and other pans of dessert that will serve a total of 40 people. The food will go into the freezer at the River Church for Severe Weather Shelter Network.
Cook an Entree for 20 people
Shop, pay for and cook an entree that can be frozen in a flat disposable baking pan to serve 20 people for the Severe Weather Shelter Network. Take it to SOTH, or to the River Church, 220 S Yarrow St. Lakewood 80226 (your choice). You will select one of 3 available dates. Meals are stored in the freezer for future nights.
SOTH's contact for the Severe Weather Shelter Network
Communicate with Mission Action Team monthly regarding current activity, read emails from Severere Weather Shelter Network, recruit volunteers. Coordinate or recruit a coordinator for scheduling volunteers. Volunteering at the shelter for Severe Weather nights is optional.
Mission Action Team Member
Local Projects Coordinator and Missions Coordinator involve coordination, communication and developing relationships with mission partners, and recruiting volunteers. Communications Coordinator involves documentation of minutes and calendar events, communication with marketing specialist and the congregation.
Pillow Hugs Sew Day
Sewing kid friendly pillowcases to fit travel size pillows


Planning and Implementing Services

The Worship Team at Shepherd of the Hills is here to nurture the spirit, serve our neighbors, connect with God through inclusive worship, and contribute to a welcoming church-community bridge, all while helping others find wholeness in Christ.

Deacon Liaison
Facilitates communication and collaboration between the Worship Team and the Deacons.
Communications & Technology Coordinator
Focuses on audio-visual needs for worship services. The responsibilities include learning the A/V system, providing support and training for volunteers, meeting with staff before worship, and coordinating technology support for funerals and weddings, including sound, video, and livestream.
Liturgy Coordinator
Plays an important role in facilitating a meaningful and inclusive worship experience for all members of the community. Their responsibilities include organizing diverse participation in worship, enlisting volunteer leaders for family-oriented activities, and coordinating liturgists for different services, including high holy days and special occasions. Working closely with other leaders in the faith community, their ultimate goal is to create moments for mission and faith formation that help to strengthen the faith of all those who participate in worship.
Sanctuary Coordinator
Serves to create a worshipful environment that aligns with the liturgical seasons and sermon series. They'll need to communicate with the Director of Worship and Pastors to determine set-up needs, maintain inventory, and recruit volunteers for sanctuary set-up. Communication with the Sexton and Faith Formation Coordinator is also important.
Serves as a bridge between the vision and the Worship Team. They present ideas and motions from the team to the session, while also presenting the vision to the team. Their responsibilities include coordinating the team, setting agendas, recording minutes, and maintaining the budget with staff collaboration. Monthly reports to the session are also required.
Choir Member
Sing with the choir!
Bell Ringer
Ring bells with us!
Video/Livestream Tech
As a video tech, you control the live stream video
ProPresenter (worship slides) Tech
As a ProPresenter tech, you get to create slides for worship; this can include announcements, scriptures, and song words. You also transition through the slides as the service happens
Worship Band Member
As a Worship Band member, you get to use your talents to lead others in worship. We need guitar players, drummers, bass players, keyboard players, and singers
Offertory Musician
Do you have a musical offering you’d like to present as an offertory during Sunday worship? We need you! This can be instrumental music, a song you’d like to sing, etc
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