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Music Performer

Joyful Noise Scholarship

  • We are a place for mentoring young musicians and impacting the community through music

  • We desire to tangibly support student musicians in our community.

    • Financially: to pay for their lessons.

    • Musically: Grow in their performance skills

    • Professionally: Opportunities for leadership

    • Community with other musicians


  • HOW: Joyful Noise Music Internship Program will support students of music with a $500 stipend distributed each semester to the school of music in which the student is participating or a $500 stipend distributed to their private music instructor. Our semesters run from January-May and August-December.


  • PARTNERSHIP: It will build the energy and vitality of the choir and bell choir with new voices, enhancing the worship in the local church community, specifically the music ministry of SOTH, and opening new opportunities.


  • REQUIREMENTS for candidates are: 

    • High School or College student actively participating in a local paid music program, school, or private music lessons, including voice, instrumental, & conducting lessons.

    • Music interns will rehearse on Wednesday evenings with the choir, bells, or worship band and perform on Sunday mornings during the year. The choir sings on the first and third Sundays of the month, the bells ring on the second Sunday of the month, and worship band leads every other week.

    • To receive a $500 per semester stipend the student requirement is an 80% participation rate for practices and 100% for performances.

Music Sheets

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